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November 25, 2009


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AHHHHHH you are so rad!!!! the boat picture is UNREAL!!!!!!!!! So awesome!!!!!

Wow! I like the pattern on those boats and you captured the light. Enjoy the rest of your trip, we'll be looking forward to your Atlas adventure.

so much memories....
hope is not too windy, try to eat some fish on the port if you can!

I love the blue and the black of the first boat shot. The color is so defined.

These are amazing! I love the color. I have been of the radar for a while and I see you have literally been off. Lucky you! Hopefully some time soon I will make it to Morocco. How inspiring. everything you have shot is so great I love to see your color photos too.

Gorgeous. I love how the cities are pink and the ports are blue. Makes sense, really: cities are for girls, and boating is for boys.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos, PD. I was kind of saving up coming to the colour site for your Morrocco trip, and now I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Something tells me I'm not in Kansas any more.

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