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August 29, 2011


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I have been in New York once month ago: it was awesome, and very calm compared to this Hurricane...
I hope that the weather is going better in the few next days, and for the NY Fashion Week. Can't wait to see your pictures of this event!

Forgot to say: Nice picture! The contrast betweend the black and the white is terrible! Love it!

hahaha, are you invited to any shows?

we thought the whole eastern sea board was going to be taken back to the dark ages but thank goodness that did not happen.

sweet shot btw.

So glad you're safe and sound. Have heard back from most of my rellies, but still one aunt/uncle to hear back on, how scary it must've been! Stunning picture!

And NYFW! Woo hoo! Definitely one 'hurricane' we look forward to! ;)

Good to know you've made it through OK. I look forward to your pictures from Fashion Week!

What a great illustration: pre-Irene. So glad it was such a washout.

re: the earthquake, my brother said he felt it, thought the cat had jumped on the bed. I guess versus a horse or cow jumping on a bed-sized.

Glad you're well, looking forward to seeing your NYFW shots. Hope it's good weather.

Nice shot and writeup. The wait was worse than the storm, which oddly we slept through. It will be months before we consume all this bottled water and canned goods...

Kris: I know what you mean. I have all of this weird canned food because I shopped at the last minute. So I have canned corn and canned tomatoes and so on . . .

Jill: I felt the earthquake too. My office building (a skyscraper) swayed and shook and I actually felt sick -- like I was on a ride at the county fair or something.

JP: Thanks!

B: Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope your aunt and uncle are okay. Am sure that they are.

Nyanzi Report: So did we! And am also happy that did not happen.

I love this pictures, you captured the waves beautifully

My gosh, I'm so happy my family, you and my friends are safe, it's been almost 90 years since the last major hurricane.

Excellent pictures, great post.

Salut, Francesc

Looks amazing! Black&white really is your thing! :)

I had the same experience! The previous apartment I had was near the beach. I love the sound of the waves - I feel at peace with the universe and with myself.

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