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August 15, 2011


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What a cute (and refreshing) photo!

PS. Have you seen this new online magazine I have been working on? It has some beautiful photography, so I thought you might like it ;)

Great photo. That location could have been anywhere in town by 5:00PM…

Dogs playing in the water ... such a summertime image! Great photo.

cool !

great shot!

Nice! I like the slightly perplexed look on the dog's face

Ahh, he's smiling for the photo!

Such a great summer shot - and he looks so cheerful!

What a cutie!!! I like your speed shot... did I tell you I'm still studying my new cameras manual... ?

Sometimes I'm jealous of dogs because they can do that when most people can't ... : /

Adorable dog! Love the bokeh in this picture. x

hi! I would like to bring a project to your attention, it is Arte Laguna Prize, a famous international art contest, there is also Photogrphy section. Could you speak about it in one little post? I think is an great chance for all artist, also for you! You have a lot of follower so that more artists will be aware of this competition. Thank you so much!

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