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June 15, 2011


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Wow, what a powerful shot! His intense expression and posture and everyone in the background. This is timeless, could have been taken today, tomorrow or yesterday.

Thank you, Alice Olive. I couldn't resist moving in for this shot. His face is so arresting, you know?

Well, I wouldn't take a picture (seeing as I don't photograph people), but I would simply stare at him. Probably for hours. He is gorgeous.

Fantastic photo, especially with the movement in the background. Well done.

Love the composition here. GREAT photo.

Awesome shoot! This photo conveys so much emotion in a way that words wouldn't. This is very inspiring.

Great photo! Love his scarf and the chair.

ou so lovely!! wow. love it!

Woo..this is one of my fave's!


Great photo! I believe we will be seeing him on the cover of GQ in the very near future.

so great! i love how he is so lost in thought, and then in the background people are milling about!

Wow, love the composition too, the subject himself, and that chair he's sitting on...Brilliant photograph!

I totally agree, although I would be too shy to take a picture of a stranger :) I love your photos so much!

fabulous! love it

Dashing is right, I want to go meet him for a drink.

I totally relate! Nice portrait :)

very well dressed man

I like this picture very much! Not only the man, but also the background, the composition, ver nice!

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