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June 19, 2011


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Second is my favorite. It's almost three'o'clock in the morning here. Guess some sleep would be a good idea now. Wonderful images as usual photodiarist. xx

I haven't been here for a while but I love that when I return after long absences, your photos are still as humorous and pleasing as ever. Great series, Photodiarist!

hihi, always a good reminder to not fall asleep in central park, you just might walk by me and take a picture. Lol

Great set of pictures. Really like the second one.

Did you get enough nonpublic sleep this weekend?
Have a great new week,

Love that first image.

I had a lengthy discussion this morning about the fact that we have forgotten that the world is our home, that theoretically we could go to sleep anywhere, everywhere - just like cats. What great examples that our inner cat/tiger/animal is not dead!

This is what I love about my culture so much.

Something about being in public would stop me sleeping - although I guess it would depend on how tired I was.

Jenny -- I am with you entirely. I've fallen asleep for a few seconds sitting on the subway train heading to work . . . but I could never sleep in a wide open park.

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