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May 9, 2011


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oh wow, this is really a great photo!

forgot: regarding the nails... glitter green for my hands, dark red for my feet, but i actually wanna try something brighter - and orange seems like nice colour for summer :)

Nails french manicure and my toenails are fuchsia holographic

As a guy, I don't paint my nails:-) but I can appreciate all of these legs! Great photograph.

Wow, great legs! A very pretty picture :-D

Relatable Style

And they have the most gorgeous legs EVER.. god.. they go FOREVER..
fabulous shoes too
lee x

Great timing! I'm wearing Particulare on my fingers and bright fucsia on my toes.

Love how you have captured the movement of these three young women -it's a great shot.

After months of frozen confinement during the winter months, this picture represents a change of season to free ourselves of the heavy winter gear. What a great shot!

Great shot. My fingers are vivid royal blue, toes are taupe (creamy and opaque, not sheer).

Great shot!

Diary of a fashion stylist_

it's getting warmer here in Toronto too. And I just painted my nails a lovely shade of teal. I'm really loving teal right now

this is so fabulous!

Fantastic shot and so good in black and white

I have nude pink pearl on my fingernails :D and nothing on my toenails :(
Think I'm gonna do a new mani and maybe a pedi too ;)

...today ;)

Lovely legs, indeed!

All natural!

Wow! You really caught the decisive moment in this photograph. Great work.

ive got mint toes and pink nails. loving the warm weather!

and love this photo.

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