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May 8, 2011


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Very nice!

Diary of a fashion stylist_

Two words - photographer's instinct = great results such as these.

I never think why I take a photograph, I just take them, and often I take many i a row and then choose the best. :)

I think you must follow your instincts no matter what when you are a photographer. They details on the "whys" will become evident once you see the photograph. But if you don't follow your instinct in that moment, the photograph might disappear forever -- which can happen in street photography. Just my 2 cents.

I love the photograph, by the way, I see the mangled bike you are talking about. Great black and white contrasts.

A bicycle reborn from the grave. Always follow your instinct. You don't have to know WHY you take a photograph...simply take it.


I love random photographs as much as deeply composed ones. Something obviously caught your eye. That same something makes us viewers stop and stare.

I like this photo, love the b/w!

I agree with your philosophy ;) And your instinct is always right, as we can all attest to!

I love your philosophy on photography and I love this photo!
I often don't know why or have a reason for why I chose a shot but once I open it up and see it on the computer or in print.. I usually find the reason later. Sometimes it has to do with an emotion that it evokes or sometimes it just felt right to click... but even so, I often find that the ones I take on a whim without any photographic sense or boundary are the ones I love the most!

Absolutely. If your eye is drawn to it, then it means something to you, visually. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if anyone else agrees with you... because it's your point of view. Unique.

That's why I love your blog. I appreciate your point of view!

It sometimes make sense to take a picture that reflects an emotion. The whole world cannot be intellectualised without some meaning being lost in the process. Emotions are important. There are pictures I understand after seeing them printed or on screen. Most photographers know that feeling! (Cartier-Bresson certainly did, too) I woudl go as far as saying that the emotion faced with something (a bit of colour, bicycles...) is a form of understanding; just not a form of 'intellectual' understanding.



I think it works both ways but sometimes it's just shoot first and ask questions later. I like this bike pileup

I do like it. sometimes we can't say why does something catch our eye.
lovely b/w on this one.

I think you snap first and look later! That's what I do anyway!!

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