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April 1, 2011


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Ahh, the look on his face. Hilarious.

Skinny Jeans for man. Mmmh, as with womens skinny jeans there is only a certain kind of man on whom they look good. I'm torn in his case, it's neither top nor flop.

Sending you a few rays of sunshine for the weekend.

I love skinny jeans

I'm not going to lie, I do like slim fitting trousers on a guy. None of that baggy stuff, however I stop at the leggings. google ricky martin and grammy's. Nuff said lol

love the boots.

Great shot!

Not all men can get away wearing these but he does it well. I do have a number of skinny jeans in my wardrobe.


Forget trends. Body shape come first. If you're a guy and you've got knock knees, then skinnies aren't for you. Most people get it wrong many times in the name of following trends but end up looking ridiculous.

I would say the guy in this picture is skinny-appropriate.

I've seen men in what appears to be jeggings (or wonder how on earth they got into such skinny jeans), sometimes it just looks so...wrong.

Seems like skinny jeans have been in style forever! Think I'm ready for a change, (men & women.)

Love your shot though!


To be honest, at least in Europe & certainly in France, jeans were even skinnier than that when Hedi Slimane ruled over Dior Homme. This is a rare case where change in fashion came from menswear, later to extend to womenswear. Perhaps there is a boomerang effect? It's back to the men now? Perhaps NYC / the US are only buying in the skinny/slimane revolution now? Hard to tell.

I somehow wonder whether these jeans look more like hipster jeans than real skinny jeans (not that I am *entirely* sure about all the differences between the two).


Well this is open for a lot of discussion. Like women the body shape is definitely the key to wearing skinny or not. Confidence is also necessary I guess.

As a few people have stated, to go skinny or to avoid skinny depends on your body type -- and this applies to men and women. I think women are worse when it comes to making an honest assessment of whether the skinny jean works on them than men are. As for him -- I think it works. He doesn't seem so tall - so his legs benefit from the skinny shape (a super tall guy in skinnies makes for an awkward gangly look).

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