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April 13, 2011


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What an incredible moment captured nevertheless! Beautiful photograph, did they notice you taking it?

You should just call the picture that: "I don't kiss on a first date", that would make the whole picture + title absolutely terrific.


PS. Of course, I don't understand the point of not sleeping, not kissing on a first date, but then, I am not a NYer & I am still struggling to understand the concept of dating (I always thought it is something people only do in movies).

This is a beautiful photography. Truly. Thanks for also sharing the story behind it. It's still a very romantic image.

Maybe I should have kept the reality of the scene to myselfand left you guys with just the romantic image! Thanks for the comments!!

nice picture

Oh no, the poor guy. You know the back story gives this picture so much more. Good of you for sharing. It's sort of voyeuristic in a way. No?

It is although they definitely knew I was there. Was in the tunnel taking photos (a reflexive instinct) before the walked by me. Then he suddenly stopped her and the romantic staring began....

aside from your fashion week pics the tunnel pics are always my fav!

I never tire of your tunnel shots, honestly. This one is great.

Thanks Nadine and Audrey!

This is beautiful. I haven't seen your other tunnel shots but tunnels are so full of character -- sinister, or in this case, romantic!

Brilliant shot but I am loving the other tunnel shot more, I think.

this is crazy!
I went to New York a few years ago with my dad and took a picture in this tunnel as well!
check it out http://www.flickr.com/photos/mylifeinapapercup/5363258498/in/set-72157625833793620

Love your work!

Great photo. Love the shadows and how you just see their silhouettes.


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