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April 20, 2011


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I am new to your site but I am now a huge huge fan! These shadow shots are just incredibly dramatic. What an eye you have!

LOVE the lines...your last 3 photos have been absolutely stunning. I'll have to show these to my hub's students in reference to the perspective drawing unit I'm teaching to them - I go in twice a week to teach art. One of the students grumbled how 'all these lines are boring' when we were doing one-point. These are beautiful :)

Love the lines too! Love this series!!!

Absolutely love the pic...:)COngrats...:)



Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

I like the tunnel aspect, too. Again, great composition and tones.

I am becoming an even bigger fan of your work.

I love how your photos always evoke a certain mood. I hope you have a showing at an art gallery some time in the future (if you haven't had one already?)

I love this one, I love the 80% black and the line.

i really love these latest photos.i normally take atention to those kind of normal but invisible things...

beautiful picture



Great graphic lines, and depth. You mono work is so strong. Xxxx

What a great concept! I've been thinking of starting a visual diary like this, in addition to my street style work. Your website is incredibly inspiring.


Great shot of the scaffolding. You make that street look way more interesting than it is.

LOVE this one! Love the shadows, love the lines: it's the perfect 'perspective' composition. Hope you're well.

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