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April 4, 2011


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By the looks of the smile on her face, it seems she's a pleasant person. Great picture.

I've heard the same thing as well. And you can see it on her face. She's accessible as Anna Wintour is unaccessible.

Wonderful character you caught on camera here. And I love Harper's Bazaar. They always have classy looks, unlike other fashion publications.

Who said fashion only liked slim people? Great pic! Very militant.


Now that's what I call a Real Dame! What a great smile.

I know there's this whole thing lately about editors-as-celebrities. And yet some - like Alexandra Schulman.. either she's never come to London Fashion Week, or I don't know what she looks like.

I always felt like Harper's Bazaar had a lovely, happy staff. I was sad to hear that Liz Tilberis died so tragically young. I didn't know anything about Glenda Bailey but now I want to know more. She looks like someone that I'd like to work for.

Great portrait, as always.

I've always preferred Bazaar to Vogue. But nowadays, Bazaar's pages are too cluttered.

Great photo, and love it in the black and white. It captures her warmth (Or how I imagine she might have a warm personality!)

I love how you capture people with a real, "this is how you'd see them on the street" way. You have such a gift.

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