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April 3, 2011


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Gorgeous photo! And I love how she wears her jacket, collar up and belted.

gorgeous coat - gorgeous capture!

Amazing coat!

Gorgeous coat!

C'mon, count your coats and tell us the number ;) As a fellow coat-aphile we can support each other in our addiction. This one above is GORGEOUS!

Fantastic coat and what a beauty she is. Did you ask her the maker of this coat? Silly question. Of course you did...

Gorgeous gorgeous photographs -- especially the first. She's truly beautiful. And I too love the architecture of her coat!

Great belt.. I love the height of the coat, very rare! Nice photo!

You certainly can, but may you?

Great coat design. Unpractical (the short sleeves) but very striking!


Thanks for the English lesson, Davidikus. Much appreciated.

Beautiful photographs. And coat.

Those shoes are gorgeous. I love your blog there's something so wonderful about seeing these pictures in black and white instead of color, so unique compared to what's out on the net right now.

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