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April 6, 2011


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I love the industrial feel of this photo. I can feel the cold dampness. I can't quite figure out which way is up (true in more ways than one!), and that's part of what I love about it.

Love the puddle reflections and angles caught here!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love these types of photos. Reflections in puddles make me so giddy. Fantastic shot!

Ahh . . . you've returned to the reflection phase (at least for the moment). I love it. I just love it. This one almost rivals the photograph of the a bicycle wheel in the shadows that you did some days ago.

Absolutely love this! Agree, there are amazing sights above AND below.

Oh I really love that one!

Ant BTW if the people from your portraits don't contact you, it's really their loss...

this pic is amazing...great

That is sooo cool! I had to look at a few times to figure it out! I'm now looking down sometimes!LOL!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! I can't stop looking at it, and going back and looking at it again.

Your view is always with perspective and depth...
Amazing photo!

This shoot is amazing! I'm in love!


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Sometimes looking down is looking up! I like this.

It´s a great shoot! :-)

Wonderful catch! Looking down can yield a treasure trove of stuff!

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