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March 27, 2011


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This is one of the funniest things I've read all week! Thanks for the laugh. I feel the same way as you do (she does). In any case, the first photo is just a brilliant study of contrasts. I love it. And I love the details on her trousers in the second photo. Superb work, as always.

Ohh I am missing your streetshoots! i mean those without people.. or with few people.. well you get what I mean! :) sending you lots of sun and keeep up the good work!

This is simply the best blog post I've read all week!

I'm feeling you! I'm so happy spring is already here in Germany. We had a dreadful snowy March last year, and I can still feel that one in my bones! But not this year: Spring . So, just like her, I busted out the white flare today *whee*: White Flare Pants!

Just discovered your blog and it's so greattttt!


I remember this girl. She was very bubbly and stylish
Lee x

Glad I started my day reading your post. Put me in a really good mood ;-) Though I can hardly complain about weather these days in Brussels, spring has definitely arrived!


Hurray for the return of the wide leg!


Just a delightful post . . . both the photos and the "inspiration".

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