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March 25, 2011


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This is beautiful. It's almost like the print on a blouse in my closet. You have an unusual eye in terms of seeing something special in things most people ignore. I must say that I really enjoy these kinds of shots and wish you would do more of them.

Absolutely beautiful! I had a skirt with tangled woolen threads that your photo reminds me of. I love your 'seemingly insignificant' photos, you have an incredible eye ;)

"We don't need new landscapes, but a new view, to discover new things" - can't remember who said that, but it completely applies to you!

Lovely! There is so much beauty in the everyday.

That's a great photo!

Gosh this could be so may things, is it a vine? Is it twisted metal? It is good to wonder. It is a good eye you have. Xxxx

I love love love this photo!!!

same here.

It is such great photo! It is always about observing the wonderful details that surround us in our everyday environment!

I like this a lot. It almost looks like it could become an abstract painting.

I'm with you. Beautiful.

Stunning. I especially love the high contrast here.

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