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February 10, 2011


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Simplicity, peaceful...yes, I like this! :)

Are you really really sure you want to leave this quiet for NY fashion week? 100%?

ahahah joking, I can't wait for your take on this important event, keep us posted!


-The Red Dot-

"Simplicity, peace and solitude" - yes, it's all there in one image, the reflections of light in the water, always different and unchanged, the warmth of wood, the wreck floating and drifting, peacefully... yes, it's all there.

Beautiful shot.

Oh this is very pretty. I like that you posted something like this today. I'm not going to fashion week today, but I'm planning to walk around and take photos tomorrow like the five million other people who will be there. It gets so crazy- like manhattan is already. Some yoga and photographs like this and I feel much better about it :)


Go on get on with it already. We are waiting...ha ha!

this shot is simple, but so impressive!
i love the composition in it :)

I should be in NYC for the fashion week too (well, if my client sends me the tickets). Perhaps our paths will cross!


Beautifully composed.

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