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February 18, 2011


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The Satorialist was one of the first blogs I followed after seeing an article in the Toronto Star. One morning I dropped him a personal line about my new found craving for some style after being in a fashion rut for years, and how I loved his work. He actually answered (with all the spare time he doesn't have). Very sweet.


Nadine and Fashion Style, I've been following him since November 2005 and Garance since 2006 when her blog was written only in French and I needed to use google translator to understand what she was saying. So, for me, he is the Uber MacDaddy of streetstyle. Totally the reference point of the genre.

The Sart was also my first fashion blog to follow, and I love my Sart book to pieces. He's just amazing. I'm always surprised when I see a picture of him, because no matter what I have a totally different picture of him in my head.

Love his shoes and expression in this one. Enjoy your weekend!

amazing shot!! love it!

You've said it! His work, his vision, his blog opened the door, a huge door, that has become an ocean of followers, worldwide; when this happens, you know you have started something special.
The reason why I "follow" you, is because you're not a follower...

So cool! I have been following his blog for years and recently saw his video about how he shoots in the streets.

I love him. He is such a visionary.

Great shot...we never get to see what he's wearing!


He sure is and head and shoulders above most...even Garance. Nice shot. Xxxx

Fashionistable: I enjoy both of their blogs . . . but I am biased towards Garance. I prefer her photography and am so frequently amused by her writing.

Scott Schuman is to fashion blogging what Russell Simmons is to hip hop - a true visionary and pioneer. We all just follow in his footsteps.

I agree with your words entirely. He really inspired a whole generation of style bloggers. It's pretty incredible.

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