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January 31, 2011


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Yes...surely !!

I think that this is beautiful in a clean and minimalist way. You do see images in things that most of us would never notice. So, I agree that if one keeps their eyes open, there is indeed something about the "nothing" moments that is beautiful. Happy Monday!

Simple and minimal, I like it. I also like to know I'm not alone in taking pictures of whatever 'nothings' take my fancy!

Some of my favourite images have no specific subject other than the play of light. This is a great one.

Agreed! Sometimes capturing "nothing" is more gratifying than capturing "something". I love stopping to shoot the patterns and shadows I see daily. More than that, I love being able to actually see them. It makes every day a little sweeter.

Again, your Nothings, through your eyes become a special Something.
Pure creation...


I agree, the little things usually make the biggest impact!


Absolutely stunning. Love the texture as well as the light and shadows. Beautiful!

i love the title of this post!

I know the feeling...and I like it.

Simple, stunning, brilliant! And taken on an iphone to boot! Love it!

luurvvvv [ofcourse right?..lol]

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