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November 28, 2010


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WOw very cool!

Uau! Love this instrument, it's the first time I see it :)

The first one is amazing!
Love how the guy is 'wrapped' by the instrument

Wow !!
What big instrument !!

beautiful in b&w.

So beautiful! Especially the first. I love the connection you made to the cobra. I totally see it!

@ Marcia: Thank you!

@ Maria Pia: Is it reallty? It's a fascinating instrument! It's used often in big bands.

@ Jennifer: Thank you. He really is wrapped up by the tuba.

@ FH: I know!!

@ Lillian: Thank you so much.

@ Alexandra: Glad you saw the cobra connection too!

I love how he looks absolutely wrapped up in the instrument in the first shot. Really beautiful. xx

Oh..this is great! Such a creative musical expression.

Love it!

love this post, and love your blog

check mine:) hope you like it. if you do follow me and i will follow you


Love the shape as well as the deep sound of the tuba :) Great shots, especially the 1st one!

ha, I love how even the guy playing the cymbals is disinterested just like everyone else in the park.

Seriously, New York is super cool!

you know what i'm thinking? how in the world did he get that thing from his house to there...especially if he's using public transport?

the pictures look great but that guy in the background looks so disinterested.

The first photo is really amazing - the light, but specially all the bumps and creases in the instrument, to which the player is mindless of, a sort of disconnection between the two, where the tuba takes the stage in the image, and the guy comes 2nd place, completely unaware! Love it!
The 2nd photo, I enjoy watching the annoyance of the guy sitting down, next to the enthusiasm of the player! So funny!
Great work! Have a great week!

Great shots. I like the way the tuba fits into the arch in the background of the first shot, and the sitting guy in the second intrigues me for some reason.

@ Nicholas: I think so too.

@ Nyanzi Report: I know! It takes effort to haul that thing around!

@ C: Love your analysis!

@ Journey Photographic: I love the way you see what I see in a photo. What I was working on was getting a shot of the way the tuba fit sideways into the arch. And the boredom of the second guy banging away at the cymbals also intrigued me.

Tuba man is "into" his music!

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