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November 30, 2010


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Ah, PD. These shots - these kind of shots - the street photographers - are perhaps the posts I love the most. I get the sense they are for you, too.

I'd love if you start doing videos... but in a way, the power and mystique is in not knowing what they're playing. You can hear the music and through the medium of one or two, two dimensional photographs, we imagine we hear the music, too.

Thank you. It brings me right back to NY, and my walks - near home on E 69th St - thru these same tunnels. xx

Thanks Jill . . . do you mean the street musicians? I do love photographing them as you know. Central Park makes the best backdrop too. Also glad you can appreciate the music without actually hearing it!!:-) because I am not sure I am so keen on videos although I will try it next time.

Chinese shadows! Both are amazing! The light makes the whole background unreal, sparkling, the leaves seem to be made of silver! All just bright and shinning! The trumpeter looks like an elf in the 2nd photo!

what more can i say? jill said it all.
"...the power and mystique is not knowing what they're playing..."
i totally agree, although yesterday i encouraged you to figure out the video functions on your camera.

today, i've changed my mind, personally i wouldn't put video on these because it would distort the mental sounds that come to my mind when i look at this.

every individual that sees this, will have a tune that they can imagine is being played thus making these images personal to the viewer because they associate it with their own personal tune that they love.

mine is JEZEBEL by Sade. the horns towards the end on this tune are crazy plus the lyrics.

a great post!

Wow - amazing shots! Love all the tones. Wonderful.

I love these!!!! Great job!!
Thanks for sharing!!

johanna, sweden

Ouahh I love a contrast !!
Beautiful black man !!


Great shots - I especially like the first one, with the upstretched trumpet and the lines of the fence behind him.

Oh Wow! These are awesome shots! Really love the first. His silhouette is magnificent in that one.

Both of these are fantastic, first especially. I have been listening a lot of Louis Armstrong these last few days.

These are great photos.


Hmmm nice series, are you working toward more abstraction ?

Wow, these are incredible! I love how he's just silhouetted... with the floppy hat. These are so cool. Your photos are so dynamic and captivating... I never get bored of coming here and seeing what you've posted. You always present things in a new and captivating way. xx

Wonderful photographs. I wish I lived in New York. Recently someone asked me what my favorite thing was about LA and I'm still trying to think of something I like! Maybe if I saw people playing trumpet in a park I'd like it more?


the trumpet pics are great. i especially love the shadow ones at the bottom.. :-) - Allison

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