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November 20, 2010


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really love the pics...they're great!


Thank you, Maria.

Scaffolding can make for such nice pics, like you've done here. They provide such a nice framing for the picture, and really show some great depth of field. Lovely pics, as always. :)

Wonderful pics and seriously why not photographing scaffolding?!

When Chris and I went to the F/Stop Festival we took pictures of the building and the parts that were falling apart, because this was much more fun than looking at the pictures.

On your question, at the moment I'm in between being annoyed and excited. In a week I'll probably excited only.

Enjoy your weekend.

beautiful images. i love all the geometric lines from the scaffolding. xx

last one is my fave! xx

Absolutely - I agree, I love the tunnels and the repeating patterns. These are great shots!

they are impossible to ignore, avoid in new york. i also took a lot of pictures of them, many were not so great. yours are good:)

it's the geometric factor that facinates me. that and the fees that lawywers make out of injuries...

awesome shots!

I miss New York

I like them - but then, I love shots of people interacting with any type of architecture.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

It's been three years since I was in NY. Glad to see it looks the same!

Love it!

PD, have a look at these guys:

Just had to think of your post when I saw their post.

Scaffolding means something's changing. I like the contrast of "everyday life" walking through this change.

I was struck by all the scaffolding in New York when I visited. I think it's a great thing to photograph, because you can play with the depth of field and get great images, like in your second photo.

It's always refreshing to see beauty in things that do not seem to be. You just have to be patient in finding the right perspective to see the beauty of things. What's great about scaffolds is that they frame your scenes perfectly.

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