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November 26, 2010


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A patchwork of communal expression, I like that!
Little pieces of individual messages, all coming together! I think it would be very interesting to have a view from over the mural of "ephemeral art", as you put it. But nothing lasts for ever, I guess....
Have a great weekend!

I love this - random people working together to create something, even if (perhaps especially if) it only lasts until the next shower of rain.

This is totally cool! What an awesome idea!

@ C: I love how you put it -- a patchwork of communal expression!

@ Journey Photographic: I do too. And I love the ephemerality of it.

@ Alexandra: It is, isn't it?

oh wow! very cool!! I'd love it if they did this in my area!


What a great idea. And you captured it just before the rain!

Hope you're having a magic perfect holiday in NY.

That is quite innovative! I rather like the idea of urban art which leaves people the possibility to express themselves without creating damage to the existing urban fabric.


art that's not meant to last- there's something special and bittersweet about that. it's like building sandcastles before the tide comes in.

Strange and original !!
Have a good day !!

perishable communal art.

i think the powers that be had all the chalk out in the knowledge that in a few hours, nature would take care of it.

Reminds me of the guy in Mary Poppins... :)

just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog! i do photojournalism so I appreciate the story-telling sensibilities you have.

WONDERFUL! You really have depht in this picture! Brilliant!

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