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September 13, 2010


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OMG...I've had that happen too! What is up with that freezing thing!

Great picture though & glad I'm not the only one!LOL


what a great shot - and happy to hear she's as sweet as she seems through her blog!

Shame about the camera malfunctions! Gorgeous shots of Hanneli though! Love her blog & style!

You so well captured the light, these beautiful shadows on her face...it's perfect.
Always the good angle.

I love especially the first.

Love your FW photos! They are so different than the photos on the other blogs and are very beautiful! <3

It happens at the most crucial of times. Last season at Burberry, I tried to shoot Anna Wintour and the damn thing froze! I managed to figit with it before she got away and got a fuzzy image which I posted anyway.
Check it out here:


Lovely pics of Hanneli and so nice of her to wait, she probably experienced this trouble too.

Rotten luck with Roitfeld, but there are enough pics of her out there, so don't feel bad about this incident.

Have a great day.

Great shot! She's very charismatic^^

It's funny - I noticed how rare it is to see her smile. She always looks so serious & sure of herself.


Especially first is beautiful photo.
I love it.
She have a beautiful eye.

Oh I so feel for you of all the times for your camera to freeze - twice. Hanneli is beautiful and talented - I watch her work too. Xxxx

Ahhh I also wanted to say you have done her proud. Great shots. Xxxx

I love the first photo of her. She looks serious and soft at the same time.

OK, all pictures of Hanneli are amazing, but I love how you've captured her! In love with her pants too.


Thanks for all of these comments everyone. She is pretty stunning, so I suppose it's hard to get a bad picture of Hanneli.

I just flinched inwardly in solidarity...If I actually managed to pluck up the courage to talk to someone I admired I'd probably be frozen with terror even if my camera was working!

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