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August 20, 2010


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It's very cool photo.
I love it!
Have a great weekend!

Very impressive, I love the move of the train's light...
It's like many squares moves in the dark...
So great !

Love the movement. Love.


Cool pic.

Fantastic!! Love the composition..the blurr. WOW!

Abstract enough to be intriguing, but literal enough to be recognisable - love it.

Easily one of the best 'movement' captures I've ever seen. Fantastic.

You made me hear it too!


It's somewhat melancholic..Nice!

Really nicely done!

If I took a picture of the train (I often take the R), it would never ever come out as good as this! Not with my dinky camera and conspicuous lack of photography skills.


In other words, you continue to be extremely talented.


LOL! Thanks Zabrinah! Well, you are a super talented writer -- so there!

Love this photo!! I always feel like a creep taking pictures on the trains, but you can definitely get some great shots :)

The composition is fantastic! Love this one.

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