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August 22, 2010


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That was definitely a very good year. I love your photos. Happy new year!

Thanks so much Ceci! And thanks for keeping up with my blog. I really appreciate your comments.

Yay, happy birthday! Thanks for a year of awesome photos :)

Happy Birthday !!

When I saw the first time your blog I immediatly feel your talent.

Your photos are absolutely great,
everyday it's a true pleasure to discovered your new photos.

I wish you all the best for the future !
And thanks for sharing your art .

Have a great week ! :)

Wow! Happy Birthday!!!!

I love your blog and photos.
I'm very glad that I could feel fun and New York.

Recently,when I see New York city on TV and magazine and newspaper,It reminds me of you and your photos.

Thank you for always!
And I look forward to see your new photos as usual:)

Always my english is not good...Sorry:)
But I hope that my message have reached you.

Have a happy week!:)

Happy birthday!

Till now, I still remember that I know your blog from Alantis Home. After reading your blog for a period of time, I start to make comment.

Thanks for the great photos!

Birthdays are wonderful, yes? Most of the time, at least. In honor of this birthday, I dove into the archives of both The Photodiarist & The Photodiarist In Color. What a journey! I cannot imagine posting every day (or what seemed like every day) for an entire year! Talk about dedication. Anyway, I am just happy to have found this place.

So thrilled to have followed you since November and congrats on your achievements this past year.
I share your photos with my whole family. Your eye for honouring some of the smallest beauties in life to the hugest wonders of humanity is truly a gift :)

happy birthday! i can't believe this blog is only 1 year old! and that cake looks delicious.

Feliz cumpleaños!siempre vale celebrar! cada día vale, querida photodiarist.

Happy Birthday !! I wish all the best for this new year coming on ! And thank you for these images you share with us. Cheers !

Happy Bday blog! I can't believe it's only a year old. Wonderful photos, always. Here's to many moons of more!

Ah, congrats on the big day!

Happy birthday inspirational Photodiarist blog! When I grow up I will be a photodiarist too - I have to give up my day job first! :)

Few things blow me away the first instant I lay my eyes on them. In february this year, I was blown away by your incredible talent and have been hooked since.

Your photography is an inspiration and aspiration to all my friends that I've introduced your blog to.

We love your pictorial documentary of everyday-New York. It's like we are there.

Thank you and happy birthday to both your bff and both The Photodiarists.

oi!!!! happy birthday li'l bloggie!
i'm one of your ardent admirers and love to see every image and smile at every inspiration.

You are doing a really great job!

love, love, love,


Happy birthday to both your blog and your BFF! May there be many more to come.

congratulations!! great work and keep it up!!

Congrats! I remember the first time I saw your blog, I thought you were a professional, it's later I've learned that it was your hobby. You have a great style. I love looking at NY through your lens, so please keep on sharing your photographs :)

time flies so fast ! happy birthday ! you are doing great job. keep it up !

Happy Birthday! :)
Keep up all the good work, and even though I don't always comment, I think lots and lots of your photographs are amazing, and that you are an inspirational photographer. :)

Happy birthday Photodiarist!! Looking forward to another yummy bottle of champagne to celebrate your 2nd birthday!! (and my . . . well, let's just leave numbers out of it from here on out!)

Happy day! You´re great!

Happy blog birthday!!
Looking forward to seeing your second blog birthday!

You're phenomenal !! scintillating!!
Congrats - keep posting and we'll keep reading.

Thank you for the awesome comments!!

happy photodiarist birthday!

Congratulations! Keep the great work coming.

One year of shooting everyday?! Wow, I must admit I'm envious of your discipline. Keep it up, it's inspiring!

A belated congrats to you! I've enjoyed your photos so much....

Happy blog birthday! May you have many more! It's always a joy to visit your beautiful blog.
Thanks for creating it.

I admire your photos immensely, just wanted to say congratulations on the one year mark :)

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