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May 5, 2010


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It's good idea!!
Maybe they will perform beautiful music.
It's fun!!

So beautiful photos, it's my favourite spot, thank you!!

I love the one and the fourth in particular .
Amazing shots !

If they forms a band I shall imagine well a sound as "The Cinematic Orchestra"
or if there would have been a singer I imagine "Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings" ...

Or another jazz style a little bit soul .

It's just my imagination :)

That would be great. Street jams! Isn't there a tradition of that all over Europe and they travel around busking all day together, bohemian artists and musicians? I hope so, I love thinking about them. Street/park/subway musicians rock in so many ways. It's funny, one of my favorite groups sings in front of a Safeway grocery store, one day a week that I know of, middle aged black men singing the most a-mazing blues and funk.


i think i actually prefer them to be separate. everyone of them has his own character and mixing them up might destroy this kind of cliché-feeling they give me.


You've done it again! The first photograph is my favorite.

The very last shot is my favourite.. I like taking photos of people when they are so concentrated on what they are doing , they dont even notice you x

Excellent shots again. I don't know, difficult question to answer, sometimes things work better alone :)

gorgeous photos there are amazing

Love all shots.

I think it would be interesting to listen what they would come up with.
Excellent work as always

I like the idea of getting them to play together.
Individual musicians unite!

Ah... para ustedes empieza la primavera, la vida se reproduce en las calles... aquí ya nos vamos retirando a nuestros abrigos y gorros...

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