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April 27, 2010


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I love the raindrops. And of course the black and white treatment.

I love the naturalness of these photos

Oh my! How absolutely gorgeous!!! Tulips are one of my favourite flowers too! (along with orchids)

Your photos are sublime! I like details with drops.

A french carrot

Very nice work! I guess you know Weston & Mapplethorpe? I still prefer the colour versions, though. I did pictures of tulips a few years ago - they were very different, though. Once I have completed publishing an archive series on Brasilia on my blog, I shall indulge in publishing those tulip pictures.


Those Tulips look scrumptous.
I wanna eat them.
The b/w finish makes me more hungry.
Wait! Tulips aren't edible or are they?

Beautiful. The details here are phenomenal.

amazing! before reading your post i though you did that in a studio!!! i also love tulips, i like their minimalist simplicity.

B & W for these photos for sure. I would rather imagine what colours they may be ...and I think that it would take away from the structure of the petals too! Beautiful.

I love how moody these are. The soft dark mood is stunning.

Once again, beautiful beautiful work!

~taryn xx

Very calm n cool. inspiring

wow I am amazed by the quality of your photos

These are beautiful.

These photos are fantastic. WOW!

You have some wonderful photography! love it! Flowers just always seem to brighten our day! beautiful!

and it's sexy.

This is absolutely stunning. My favourite are tulips too :) And I had no idea that they originated from Turkey! I was there a few months ago (although in Winter clearly, so no flowers :( ). I adore the B&W ones, really great work :)

These are beautiful. I still remember walking in my mom's garden when I was 4 or 5 and looking at the red tulips with the yellow and black centers. So pretty and such a sign of Spring!

Ahh... This reminds me I need to go out and buy myself some tulips before they are out of season.

Beautiful macro, love it!

Wooow! Amazing work! I can already see these pictures in art galleries for sale! :)

Wowzer Bowser!!! just off the hook! I am so in love with these! When I pulled this page up I litteraly exclamed out loud.

Lovely and inspiring.

New to your work. The last one really stands out. Great use of black and white.

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