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April 6, 2010


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What an amazing dream world. I just brought up your photos and everyone in the room stoped what they were doing and moved over here like bugs to a light......mesmerized..... :) You are turely gifted! enjoy your excitement!

Ohh~~ Cherry blossoms, my favorite. Too bad there aren't any parks full of cherry blossoms in NY...
Great pictures, as always.

don't settle down and enjoy! your pictures are great! and this must be so magical... we have la lot of cherry blossoms in NY, as no rain or wind took them down. i'm surely enjoying them but tokyo must be fabulous. Have a great time.

Ah - I know what you mean! It's frustrating to know that because you don't know your surroundings, you're missing potential shots. It sounds corny, but I think I know what you mean!

The photos you take are great. You make me want to go to Japan. The blossoms are so beautiful.

But I do not have money...

so so beautiful! you know i love your photos but these are just taking me across the globe, right there under the cherry blossoms!

just enjoy it with your own eyes. And later you can take pictures or not.

These pictures are stunningly beautiful.

ah... el viejo adorable Chéjov! cómo fue que apareció esa tarde x ahí?

That is something I would love to experience in my lifetime: cherri blossoms, in the sunshine, in Japan! Lucky you. And on your second day yet!

What Mau and San each said is exactly what I came to comment. I don't know about Marita.. okay, did google translate & got this:

ah ... Chekhov old adorable! how was it appeared that afternoon x there?

Must be Lost in Translation.

Enjoy, PD. We'll see them all in good time. xx

Hello! I am soooo loving your pictures of your visit to Japan. You not taking enough pictures that you like, oh dear, I am so awestruck by the ones you do publish, I think this might be a case of quality over quantity. You are so good at capturing a moment basking in light and in spirit. The top photo of the girls captures a sense of the modern Tokyo, yes? With the age old beauty still in there among there. Enjoy your trip and thanks so much for sharing it. xo. -Bella Q

absolutely stunning photos. .
i'm loving all the photos of japan! your travel photos really make all the places you visit very inviting and beautiful

Sublime !
The weather is finally beautiful . . .
On the first one that looks like the debut of a story . . .
What I love it's your photos tells something .

so beautiful!!! cherry blossoms make me happy! my mom used to tell me in vietnam when the cherry blossoms would bloom the boys would pick them from the tree and give it to the girl they liked and the girls would flatten them out and keep them in their school books!!

I love these shots. Your lighting is beautiful. Almost looks like the branches are sparkling.

Para Jill: Anton Chéjov, el maravilloso escritor. La misma bella cara del señor de la foto!!

I am the same PD when I am travelling- I think I go into sensory overload or something. But you are doing brilliantly!!!

gorgeous!! so jealous of your trip it looks amazing

nice photo!!!

awesome ! I always wanted to go to Japan!T_T

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