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April 17, 2010


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Welcome back! You took such incredible shots during your visit to Japan. A big fat thank you for sharing. It was a lovely peek.

Beautiful shot, as always! i too often feel, if i have gone somewhere on holiday, that i am exhausted from experiencing new stuff and feel like i havent had any holiday at all. it passes though i think :)

Glad you had a fun time even though it was not so relaxing! Lovely photo!

i need a vacation too...

welcome back! it looks your trip was perfect. there are vacation to rest and vacation to be overwhelmed (also vacation to go out and party, unfortunately i think i'm too old or too young depending on how you see it)
i love your shots from japan, and as i said before, it is so great to see it in b&w...

Glad you made it home safely--S. Africa is definitely on my travel wish list!


haha, totally know that feeling of needing a vacation from your vacation. i guess you just want to take in as much as you can though. good call on trying to get out before all the hoards of tourists - i'm sure it was much more enjoyable that way. hope you manage to have a relaxing sunday and get to take it easy!

p.s. have loved seeing all your photos from japan - the hard work you put in was totally worth it.

I may not have looked like it, but that is how I felt in High School ;). Nice shot.

Japan is a country so fascinating, so rich,
I imagine that visit this country and
to want to discover everything, must be exhausting :)

I think that more we pass of time there low
more we want to see more things . . .
It's a kind of dependance, a good dependance .

Well, good vacation then ;)

Just chillin'

Oh, how I know that feeling. When you see things through a lens, you are never really on vacation. A camera is a hungry beast. Welcome home. :-) Sandra

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