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April 26, 2010


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Ooh! So nice to 'see' your face! :)

Boredom or not it's nice to see your lovely face.

we finally get to see you! :-)

...Yo tambien tengo algunos días así... pero no es aburrimiento... todo lo que tengo soy a mí misma, y eso está bueno! (uno es su propio objeto de inspiración...!)
...y disculpame, no hablo inglés...

Agree again wholeheartedly with the others. Great hair and focus.

One word of advice, that I got from Mireille Guilianos "Women, Work & the Art of savoir faire" and that I think is really worthwhile: Stop apologizing!
With apologizing you draw attention to stuff that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. (Composition, lens) This kind of apologizing is a female trait and it thwarts only us!

I love your pictures and I don't care if the composition isn't 100%. Period.

Granted everyone can learn more, but you don't have to know everything to teach something.

Have a fantastic new week.

Awesome photo :)

Great picture!


PS. Thanks for letting me know about the ICP.

It's cool to see you :)

I love the concept of this composition,
thoughtful, beautiful and mysterious .

I think I found a great inspiration ;)

Hello shady lady.
I'm back online after what felt like a million years.
I've been in blog rehab.
The shot looks great.
We finally get a glimpse.

FEMALE!!!! But I knew that already :)


Brilliant picture!

Is it to much to ask what type of prime lenses do you use?

I LOVE this photo! And it is indeed to see what looks out from behind your lens. xo. Bella Q

I miss your windows! :-)

Nice self portrait! You have a wonderful eye!

finally ! so nice to meet you :)

haven't been here for a while and when i finally came back such a nice surprise.
now after your 'comming out' you should create your facebook fan page and meet your devoted fans :)))) just an idea :)))

beautiful eye and super shiny hair. girly question : how do you do this ? haha

so good to be back. i've missed your art.

I wish I were bored like that more ofter ... Nice shot !

love this

Finally! Hello! :)

you think it's called boredom? I think it's called beauty. Or maybe talent.
Scratch that, it's both ;-)

Great shot!

Inspiration, friend, certainly inspiration :)

well hello darling! i think it's the first time i've seen you (or your eye at least ;) ). Thanks for the peek, it's quite mysterious!!! I know i should carry the camera all over with me, problem is it's way easier (and lighter) to carry the point and shoot! meh.... you see my dilemma? Glad the Pomme is keeping you busy, it's better that way than not being busy at all right? as for being broke tell me about it, i have a wedding in Mexico (which is going to be bananas) and another one in London is August! eeeeeeeeeeeek. credit card debt, here i come! I'm off for the week, posts when i get back!


All, thank you for your comments. @Miss I am Free: I was using an 85mm L 1.2 lens here. @Maison C: I will do windows again soon.

Great photo.

Nice to meet you! Great photo!


It's mysterious! and lovely!

hey...ur from nyc? we should meet up sometime ..just for fun!! email me

follow if u like what u see?

happy day!!

Enjoying the mystery, still have no idea what you look like...

Happy to see an other "angle" of your eye !
I love this photo. It's so delicate..

Finally--we get to see you!! Lovely photo and subject! Sending warm wishes from Japan.

HI!!!!!! What a beautiful shot!!!!! I love how you let your eye and hands do the talking! You are so beautiful!!! I allready knew that from your photographs and how you discribe them but So RAD!

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