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April 28, 2010


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Excellent photos.
I hear that vibrant music !

The first photo is awesome!

Love the 2nd one best :)

Great pictures and great story telling. Love it.

Yes,I can! haha...
It's powerfull !!

On the second photo it look like he does make
more than one with his instrument,
as if his music live in him .
I love this photos ...

Yes the music is so powerfull :)

I Love this! Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!
Jazz and great photograhy.
I like the way you have curated them with the text.
We certainly hear him loud and clear.
This is why I come here for my daily inspiration.

Nice pics, first is probably best. There is a guy playing the Saxophone on Oxford Street. I wish a photograph could actually record how badly this man plays - it is unbelievable. Glad to hear that the man on your picture can play!


everyone around him seems mesmerized(sp?)

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