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February 21, 2010


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OH MY GOSH!! This is stunning....stunning!

Thanks C!

I LOVE this.

This is perfectly exposed and well captured lighting, i can almost feel the strand of her hair and the comfort of that jacket.


I'm loving all of your fashion/portraiture shots. Your eye for style is uncanny as is your tendency to capture the decisive moment.

Really nice and good job :)

Beautiful capture, very well composed! Great framing!

Amazing!! I just love it!

Absolutely stunning shot!!! The balance of shadow and light...perfection! :)

Fantastic. A real work of art

I like very much your photo, because it has a different cut from the usual catwalks pictures, the lights that you managed to capture in the shots are beautiful ... I do not think that photographers who are specialized in fashion shows are to be admired ... the art of making pictures is another thing ...

Dramatic! The chiaroscuro effect works so well for this image. Stunning.

Wow. This should be hung up on a wall. I would suggest the NR flagship shop in Milan, but that is no more...
It would make a nice desktop as well.


amazing shot here you got! it's a style from you i haven't really seen yet... i like it...

haha! indeed you stay up late ;-)))! i just looked through your past week photos ... absolutely loving the NYFW captures - this one is certainly one of my very faves, for it's mood, mystery and perfect black block! totally agree w/ the others - such an artistic way - so refresh to see the fashion show from this view! much love, xx

that's beautiful!

Excellent! First fashion show: well done! Very particular and special, a new wind on typical street style fashion pics. I like it very much, very inspiring. You've been able to capture the "atmosphere"...This will become the "photodiarist" style.

first of all - wow i love this shot
second - i didn't see you in NY :(


Thanks y'all!

wow...this is stunning.

Its an Art of photography.

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