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January 11, 2010


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Pretty amazing, there's even a squirrel hanging out with this guy. Especially love the first one, it's like a bizzarro Hitchcock moment.

Wow.... thats kind of amazing and I agree Ephemera in reference to the Hitchcock moment lol

Such stunning shots!!! As I wrote in response to your comment, I sure hope you do go to Japan in Spring (especially for Sakura/Cherry Blossom season), it is one amazing country, and I'd LOVE to live vicariously through your stunning pics in seeing it in Spring/Cherry Blossom season (a dream of mine) :)

This reminds me of the character in Home Alone 2! I can't believe it! I love that you captured these moments.

great pictures! this reminds me of alfred hitchcock's "the birds" =)


Brilliant! I wish you had interviewed him! Would have been interesting to hear what he had to day:) If he's a regular at Washington Sq Park, we can collaborate and I can i/w him for you coming Sunday...lemme know...email me...I am really excited about Pigeon Whisperer2!

I hate pigeons, but love this pics! There's an old lady a couple of blocks near my home, but thankfully not on my every day route to work, that steps out in the mornings with a lot of food for pigeons. What's increidible is that they gather in the trees and wires waiting for her every day. I've seen her twice but she's famous. Unfortunately, this Pigeon Lady is a bit far from you, i live in Buenos Aires. Your blogs are great!! I have more than a few of your pics printed out and hanging on the walls, so thanks for an every day dosage of art. XO, Mary

Fantastic series of photos.

Yeah, pigeons are quite disgusting. My husband calls them rats with wings. My son would love to see that and chase them (probably not pleasing the guy)... Love the 1st photo.

I just stumbled upon your blog today. Love the inspiring images.

I'm thinking that I read a New Yorker piece about this guy last year. Small, small world.

How fantastic !

Mmm, yeah, I cringed when I saw the first photo. I love birds, but not all over me! Terrific capture!

On My God such great photos! It's a little gross that he is sitting there with them all around him. I think that's what makes the photo even cooler though. I like to refer to pigeons as sky rats : )


so much great lately, cant comment them all, always a pleasure browsing through.

Sky rats is right. Pigeons are the pests of the bird world.


These photos are stunning! It is an interesting interpretation of two otherwise unattractive things. An sloppy man and pigeons, not traditionally attractive, but I do think your photographs showcase them in a different light and I dare say...they look quite beautiful!

I adore these shots! My favorite is the 4th. I like his nonchalance, as though there were nothing out of the ordinary. He seems like an interesting person.
I don't mind pigeons; to me they're as much a part of New York as the Chrysler building.
In Nanjing, in China, there are these open-air forums filled with beautiful snow-white pigeons (might be doves). Funny thing is you can buy the equivalent of Kix to feed them, and they'll come to your feet!

Haha, you caught me just as I was fiddling with the new header! Was changing the credits as you commented. Your Spring #2 is still one of my favorites, but I'm restless, I guess.
PS reread the post above, and I looove this, made me lol: "Tricky? What are you doing Tricky? Are you on my head?"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing captures!

Whenever I see Pigeons, I sort of have a George/Seinfeld moment with an Alfred Hitchcock/The Birds moment. Like "you stay over there, I'm going to stay over here. Don't break the agreement, I saw The Birds I know what you're about..." lol!
My favorite bird is the turkey vulture. Not sure if those are any better! But they fascinate me, I find them oddly beautiful.

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I feel lucky to have been there for that first shot. I've never captured a shot before that was quite like that one.

Amazing photos!! I was thinking the same thing as a previous poster about the lady in Home Alone 2...


That first shot is fantastic! Love your vision.

I agree with everyone that these are stunning photos! It's a little strange that someone would solicit the company of such dirty little creatures. And to name them! ? that I'm kinda impressed by.....

that is such a sweet story!
and these pictures are beautiful

Wow...those shots are quite amazing! That man must have a really big heart...I too find pigeons kind of disgusting, but look how he brings a new perspective to them. SO cool!

Amazing set of pictures! I love them!!!

hahaha ammmmmazing! this guy rules


I saw him again at the park yesterday. But his flock of pigeons were elsewhere foraging for food. So, I had a chance to speak to him. His name is Paul. He says that he's a fixture at the park -- which is weird because I consider myself a semi-fixture at that park and yet, I've only seen him twice. In any event, he lives nearby and is a friend to the animals of the city. Apparently, he lives in a rent stabilized apartment and his landlord is trying to evict him for inviting birds and squirrels into the apartment to shelter them from the cold. I am sure that there's more to it than that . . . but his story made me sad. It's as if his only friends are birds and squirrels.

those are great pigeons! I always thought the pigeon man was a myth! haha

why find pigeons disgusting? they are wonderful birds not pests. i think its man wo is becoming a pest to his world. love a pigeon once n ull kow wat were u all missing till now. but great picures. its wonderful o be loved by them n tht man is very lucky. these picures should generate kindness towards animals n birds.

theres a video on the web of this guy and some asshole filming him gives him a hard time but i think this man is amazing. most birds would not even get that close, even if you had food.

I am thrilled with my first time wanderings in this incredible city. I am simply enchantedly curious and fascinated by the thises and thats of a gazillion moments in people's lives here. Meaningfulness is every where! I took fondly to Paul and his small and important relationship with his nook in the park. Little things I noticed when I was taking in my moment around Paul's bench.... There was a smiling slight of an aging woman with kyphosis (a hunched back)standing next to him talking and laughing. Their conversation, though I couldn't hear them, was friendly and familiar, as in they seemed to know each other and visit often. .....The pigeons sit lined up along the back of the bench, often with their tails facing frontwards in cartoon fashion. ....There are wee swallows pecking about for food and skittering away. .....He is familiar with babies of parental pigeons and he considers them family. So, a day later I came upon a statue in Columbus Circle that stands with arms reached outward and upward with pigeons perched on her hands, arms and head. I took a picture and hope to make a copy before I leave ny and so I can give it to Paul. Funny how ordinary moments create a permanent picture that stays in the minds eye for a lifetime. And even more, how a click of a camera gives it life. I am inspired by your photo journaling, your description of your whys and wherefores and your intent. It gives me a spark to more seriously capture the moments that mean something to me along my way. I love these pictures of Paul and his pigeons and so wish i could have a copy. Perhaps it is time to invest in a descent camera. Thanks for the captured moment. How wonderful is it that we can google something and come upon personal gems!

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