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January 20, 2010


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I am not sucked in. Not yet anyhow. Maybe it's just a matter of time. Or lack of it.

I like my iphone, but admittedly don't use it much as anything but a phone, when I do, I flick through travel/family photos to brighten an otherwise grey/bad day...

Oh, now I feel like a spammer for leaving a comment two days in a row, but you pushed that button. I nearly got an Iphone recently. But in the last moment I had a serious talking to myself, and we agreed I am not strong enough for this device. For all the reasons you mentioned above, and because I never want to be that person at the table, watching the little monster constantly.

PS! Need I say I love your blog?

I love my i-phone but my work blackberry drives me insane. INSANE! Even though I try to ignore it as much as possible. Classic Copenhagen - spam the blog any time! Thanks for the compliment and the comment.

re: thank you so much! I was quite facinated by this "icefountain" myself :)
Really appreciate you visiting my blog! :)

Loved the hair on the lady on the first pic. And the composition of it all is great! :)
It's so true what you write about us feeling literally like we've lost our whole life if we lose our mobile phone/PDA. It's strange how this little piece of electronics have started to "rule" everybodys lives...

Without you feel that i nag, can I ask again what you say to the ppl you photograph?
Maybe write a post about it?
Thanks! :)

I love the one with the girl with crazy hair and a suit! so RAD!

? not attached really....but feel weird with out it. I get in truble if I do not have it though.

hehehe, great photos as usual. I love my iphone but sometimes I get people angry t me because I won't check my messages for a day or 2. They ask me how can I live like that? Pretty well is the answer. try it, it's refreshing.

I mean angry at me...

I love the natural light in the last photo, it really adds extra dimension. As for my thoughts on PDAs...definitely a love/hate relationship. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with my iphone, but I can see the potential of it being a crutch to interacting with society like a normal human being. But I supposed we all have that in common :)

I am the only person I know who still uses a phone that only makes calls and takes low-pixel pictures! sometimes it is good to stay "disconnected..."

It's amazing. I don't have a cell or pda for work and when they update our personal info. and ask for it, I never give it. I don't want them calling me on my cell phone for any reason.


i have a love hate relationship with my iphone. love being able to connect from anywhere but i don't always want to be reachable. great photos! #3 makes me anxious for warmer weather!

I have a blackjack 2 and don't use it for anything other than calling and texting. I don't have internet on it. I usually forget to have it right w/ me and I never check VM. BUT.. if i leave it at home and will be gone all day.. i feel like I only put on one sock or something.. GREAT PHOTOS BTW!!!!

my life definitely depends on my blackberry! internet, navigator, email, games. i think making calls is like a secondary purpose actually. but i don't hate my PDA, not yet anyway.

Love the last two images ... great job capturing the essence of the subjects and topic.

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