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January 21, 2010


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I agree with you completely! Love men who wear hats well.

i love the second one, it looks like we are in the back of bob dylan(s), back in the 60s !


Trendy or just old fashion; they look great in these men. I love the older man picture.

Thanks for the answer! :)
Well, I live in Norway and over here you always hear about beeing careful posting pictures of ppl on the net that haven't agreed to it. I feel that even though people see me with my camera that I am obliged to tell them that this might be posted on my blog and ask if that's ok. And I'm really struggeling to find a comfortable and easy way to talk to these "strangers".. :P

Love men who wear hats well too...that last older man looks absolutely spiffy! Great photos! :)

what fantastic photos.


great photo and blog

those last two are so great, the profile is amazing

I love the play with light in these photos. Great contrast!

Love this series; men wearing such hats should only be encouraged.

the last picture is simply amazing

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