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January 24, 2010


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Love the 60s mod elements to this look! Great shot as usual, the lighting is superb.

Nice...very well spotted. I personally could care less for sports. Too much going on...but hey, you made the right choice in my book; that is, staying away from the game and getting to capture this beauty.

Love it !
@ http://picturesupdated.blogspot.com

stunning ! :))

Nice ! She looks ready to partay :D

Wow, Bergdorf's windows are always the best. So much better than the other department stores. So much more creative and not only about displaying products. Love it, the photo was worth it. love the shadow too. Now I want to check it out :) Haven't been in a while, and will be walking around in the rain today...

I love this photo--she kind of looks like she's surfing--I'm so hoping there is a trip to NY in my near future--I'm feeling restless--

Another great shot! Keep up the great work.

i cannot imagine this image in color- it's perfection in black & white! i like that it's slightly surreal but also mod and graphic.

Great shot, love the light and reflections in it!

Absolutelly, who cares about the Jets, this photo is absolutelly fantastic!:D 3/4 of the charm of the mannequin is all thanks to you and your photographing skills!;)

So electric!

thank you!

what a fantastic photo.


Stayin' alive!

You are so funny!

I love your still life shots. More please.

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