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December 6, 2009


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That is absolutely incredible!!! Can't wait for more window photos!

Thanks B! Cannot wait for your trip to Japan!!

GORGEOUS. I love these both so much— they remind me a bit of Helmut Newton's mannequin portraits, because, for a second, they read as real people. The way the blurry reflection obscures the mannequins' faces in both shots is just perfect. I would hang these side-by-side on my wall in a second.

Really enjoyed your photos of Morocco, too!

Nice nice very mysterious :)


...may I repost this? Lol

The Bible of fashion,
MAISON CHAPLIN.blogspot.com

so mysterious!!! Amazing! how you played the window reflection is amazing!

PS thank you so much for your heart warming comments and encuragement!!! :) You are awesome!

Hi Photodiarist! Thanks for your comments. I'm loving your blog... Very fresh...

def central park can wait, when you see something like that. christie! to capture light like this ? you are a genius. i love you fashion / window picutres. that photo made my day. xx

Thanks everyone - Maison Chaplin - you may repost. Thanks Cristi!! James - much appreciated! Isabella - glad you like (p.s. my name isn't christie, though).


I love these! You know I love window shots. But what's great about these, which I used to be able to do with my Pentax but can't quite achieve yet with my digital Canon, is how you master what you're choosing to focus on, and the rest is soft. It makes is so magical!

Love that line 'pls. my name isn't christie'. I kinda like that I don't know your name. It's like with '-h'. It's so.. mysterious.

p.s. are these your boots?


I'm going to post them anyway, because this Costume National company is SO RAD!!

i am so sorry ! i am not native english speaker and right now i am on my national language wave so some of the words can be misspelled. sorry once again ;)

looove the first pic!

wow I love your header. I am slightly obsessed with black and white photos!

very lovely



Nice to see some real pictures among all the ego-fashion-hey-look-at-me ones. Kudos.

These are so beautiful, mysterious and intriguing! Fantastic.

thank you for the birthday wishes, you just gave me one of the nicest birthday presents by looking at your latest post - divine.


I see you are back in NYC:) Love your window shots they are so beautiful as always!

Hey you,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Surprised to see the stuff that you do :) I like how your medium is in black and white. What kind of camera do you use?
Hope to see you around again!

oh wow... this is really nice series of work... i like!

there's an air of old glamour and mystery with this series. so intriguing.

these are divine. I'm heading up there next week to photograph the very same thing. amazing.

Great shoots!!!! I love them!

They always have the BEST windows in nyc - hands down.

These are blowing my mind! Thanks for sharing.

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