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December 28, 2009


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The third picture is just mindblowing!
I love the detail of the flower exactly in the center. That's why I love your work, it's always about those small yet powerful details! :)

Ph. 2 is indescribably gorgeous!!! I think it's my favorite non-portrait photograph of yours. There's a beautiful oriental element- the solitary budding leaves, the raindrops, the branches. Perfectly minimalist, my aesthetic exactly...(and my new desktop).

What a lovely, lovely idea! I was trying to think what to focus on in the next few days, I might just take a leaf from your book.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, PD. Hope you had a perfectly magic Christmas, too - and are continuing to! xx

p.s. just came back because I forgot to say how much I love the shots, especially the top one. During Christmas in the countryside, I was thinking about what you wrote, that you don't use photoshop or enhance your shots in any way. I don't know if people appreciate how gifted you are. I mean, I'm always fussing with my shots somehow - just can't resist dodging or burning a little. To think that these are virgin photos!!

Can't wait til tomorrow, to see Summer.

LOVE your photos - they are so beautiful

these are beautiful:]

Well i really enjoy that those captions are not enhanced... I think that somehow those days we are full of artificial, processed works and we do not pay real attention to the basic stuff. Meanwhile if we look closely we get to see that after the crisis and all this "muchness", all the aspects of life tend to return back to the basics. Minimalism in art, fashion, decoration,in the magazines we read, the aesthetics we now come back to are simple and warm and soooo arty. Your blog really makes my day. And I think this is the point in all the little or big pretty things in life. To make our days...
I wish you inspiration and health for 2010.
A greek student-writer.

i love the concept of the four seasons photographs put together! they look amazing

so very lovely! oh how i miss spring. :)

i love the 2nd shot. so lovely :)

I remember this last photo being one if the first I saw of yours....or one quite simular! and the dew on the sticks....

What beautiful immages to go to sleep thinking about...I needed that! Thanks so much :)

I'm loving your seasons, especially the spring shots. They make me wish my computer screen was 30"x40"

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