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December 27, 2009


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I love NY too!!!

awesome pictures. i haven't been to NY yet. i sooo wanna goo

Stunning! I've lived in New York for almost 7 years now, and still wake up every morning with the same excitement I had when my mom brought me here as a kid. Such energy and beauty! Did you shoot these from the Empire State Building? Can you believe I've never gone up there?!?

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

I visited NY when I was 7. being from a super small town I thought I would be super scared of the big city, but I was not. I was in awe the entire time and fell in love with the city. I felt safe there... LA will never make me feel that way how ever much I try to like that city.

I would love to visit it now but until then I can enjoy it through your eyes! Super rad pictures!

omg. these are amazing. gorgeous. I love the shadows in 2, and the depth and perspective in 4.
When I saw the title, I immediately heard the chorus of Empire State of Mind (maybe that was your intention)... great post.

Oh wow!! Did you take these? Where? How? These are fantastic!!!

Hi Judy - I did take them. . . from the Empire State Building. Thank you.

Jules - I did that on purpose:-)

Cristi - you should definitely visit again. I have never been able to fall in love with LA either . . . San Francisco, yes - LA, not so much.

Catherine - I've been up twice now but only this year!

Thanks Amalie and Antonio!

Sometimes it feels so big and expansive that I fear I'll never be able to get through everything and everyone. And then there are times when I feel like I've outgrown this little town and am searching for more. It oscillates. And I love that :) Thanks for each and every post, they really make my day!

Those pictures really ARE great. I visited New York with my family four years ago and fell in love. This December I came back and I was again thrilled about this city, its loud and quiet, exciting and cozy sides! I so wish to come to this city for a longer time however with living in Germany it won't be that easy. Now I finally found your perfect blog with the right New York feeling! Thank you very much. Have a great rest of 2009 and I am very much looking forward to your work in 2010.

oh i love new york, i'm coming back in september but wish i was there to experience the winter!

I can't really take in how huge that city is! living and shooting there must mean a neverending stream of photo-opportunities... great shots!

i have saved visiting empire state building to my almost last evening in new york city. when i was standing in the line to buy a ticket huge storm has begun and guards have cancelled seightseeing. isn't it ironic ? thanks to your post finally i can see what i have missed. breathtaking ! i don't know when i come back to nyc, but i am so glad that i can admire its charm & feel its vibe through your eyes. i am so glad !

i know it's personal, but i am wondering where do you orginally come from ? ;)


Amazing amazing shots! I was in new york for 5 days 2 years ago and cannot wait to go back. I completely fell in love with the place!

really like these pics.....

These photographs leave me breathless! I love NY with all its energy og possibilities. A stark contrast to my tiny hometown in Norway... You are a great photographer. Looking at your pictures always makes me thoughtful and happy.

It still hurts, not to be able to see the Towers... But beautiful photos. I miss NY, I really do.

Style Spy -- I totally agree with you. I don't think that we will ever forget the Twin Towers - what they looked like in our skyline and the day they came down. Seared in my memory.

these photos are truly amazing, you make them look a bit scary yet very exciting at the same time. i like how you described your feelings, they really fit the pictures well. thank you for having such a great photoblog!

What a mighty city. All those beautiful buidlings, I wonder who is sitting behind all those little windows.

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