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December 12, 2009


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I love the one with the 2 little boys playing!!! It is fun to see all the little differences you do in your pictures. What an amazing trip! I want so much to take my family overseas. even the air you breath is deeper!!!

It's strange, we took the same pics...

anyway i love yours more.

for the Stklm lovers, cheers !

check some stklm pics here too : http://picturesupdated.blogspot.Com

what a lovely breakaway ;)
is that you on the 4th pic ? ;)

absolutley lovin' it http://fashionsexmagic.blogspot.com/

Aurore! That's right. We did go to Stockholm at the same time. I love your pictures - Didn't you love that city?

Wow... European cities such as this one always cause a flashback of sorts, like the scenes never change and I imagine how life must have been centuries ago... Excellent work and thanks for stopping by the site

Fine treasures you had stocked away on your hard drive...sure hope you keep them backed up somewhere else too. Believe me, don't keep them in one place.

Stunning photos...

Oh, PD, they're gorgeous! For a second, I thought you just popped over to Stockholm. I don't think I knew your blog yet in July, maybe had just found it.. but next time you come to London, please let me know!

It's funny, whoever you are, I have this image of you belonging to NY, in a kind of magic, timeless, almost not quite human form. It was hard to wrap my head round you leaving the city to go to the beach, let along Morrocco. Now that I have, anything's possible: even popping over to Stockholm for a few hours!

My favourite shots are the 2nd & 3rd. And the kids. And the bicycles on the street. No, the last one. Definitely the last one.

Amazing pictures! I loved each one of them!!!


Stockholm is fabulous and your photos are so great as usual. Love the bike with flowers and the old streets that remember me my birth city Evora, POrtugal, that is UNESCO World Heritage. Great photos that you will take in Evora I'm sure...
Come to see my photos too in:

*sigh* I need a vacation where I actually go somewhere..Lovely, lovely pics!


I love the cute little streets that you took in Stockholm! I definitely want to visit there one day.

Btw, I'm actually not a professionally trained photographer. I basically self-taught a lot of things.

I like the portrait shot of the tuba player (I hope i'm right about the instrument)the most, it is so natural.

Thank you very much :)
I really really love theese photos, great graysacle and i like how you captured it all.

wow, these are all such beautiful photos.. the first one really caught my eye, i love bicycles! you've convinced me i must visit Stockholm

What amazing light, I love the vertical orientation; it makes the city feel as if it reveals itself only in slivers.

got surprised there at välkommen (welcome in swedish). nice to see my capital through your eyes, and yes, Gamla stan is a great place to shoot in.

Nice works! I enjoyed to watch your photos, especially because they made in black-white color. I traveled last year in Stockholm and in London, wonderful cities. They have great history and can show much interesting to the person who likes to photo. Thank you for the post!

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