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November 12, 2009


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This is just wow! love the juxtaposition of the street and the dress.
This gives me an idea. thanks!

I'm going to save this photo too. lol

"A woman's not going to buy a little skirt for a lot of money if it's not for seduction. What else are clothes made for?" - Azzedine Alaïa

@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

There is so much going on here! I love it! I love your discription of unhooking your sholders from your ears.... that is amazing!


Wow, the composition is unbelievable. I love the reflections, and not being entire sure of which side of the window we are; it's a world where reflections may be clearer than the real things in front of the eyes.

This is a gorgeous photograph. I love the reflection of the street in the dress! Perfect.

well, I analyzed the photo but didn't find you...
great reflection. Like the soul of a city.

I also love the Bergdorf's windows, they are so beautiful and the reflections are always great. another friend photographer made a great series about them so I never took these pics myself, sigh...

my antidotum for a stressful day ? your trully amazing & beautiful pictures ... ;) i love fashion & this picture is def one of my favorites. greets ! ;)

I was just thinking about you & wondering if you work! (apart from your Photo Diary, of course ; )

I love this shot & it is more like my type of photography than anything I post. I've been obsessed with shop windows & reflections since I was an undergraduate. SO CURIOUS now what you do as a day job! I pictured you somehow just waking up, having a coffee in a little French bowl, donning your camera and going out shooting in a black and white NY world!

When you wrote the other day that you were wearing black & grey, I was thinking, but of course: there is no colour in NY! I only see it thru your eyes ; )

I've clearly been away a long time... so much to see.. on to another post. xx

Stunning. This is why I love black and white photography. The photo really pops— even as a tiny thumbnail in my Blogger updates! I recently discovered your blog and can't wait to see what you post next.

haha.... the reality of work, lol!!! a whimsical post that make me laughing out loud .... you should sneak out more often ;-)))), enjoy this murky day! god, where is our beautiful fall?? .... xx

oh wow i love this photo!

Very Atget, love this xo

Great picture! I did something like this for an exam last year :D

Stunning, I love Bergdorfs windows especially the Christmas ones. Amazing reflection of the buildings and city vibe in the background.
Great job as usual:)

What an amazing photo! How I wish I had a Bergdorf's nearby (or in my country) for 'stress relief'...Hope the stress 'let's up' ;)

That was cute. But did you manage to buy any windows? :P

In France the phrase for window shopping is "lécher les fenêtres," which means "licking the windows." I think that well describes the sort of lustful gaze Bergdorf's windows always inspire in me.

hi love! so happy to see you commenting on my posts, felt like you were gone for too long :). i love loosing myself in beautiful windows too... it's a very good way of daydreaming...
hoping you can relax over the weekend!!!! The stress nest. Must use that one.

what a gorgeous picture! it's my tradition to visit Bergdorf's first thing when i get to NYC. how i love that store.

awesome one, g. this is one of my all-time faves.

Great shot, reminds me of Atget's Paris...

This is beautiful. So much to see. Great way of capturing it.

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