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November 29, 2009


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I like the bench and the yamaha guy, there is some kind of confidence and relax life on their posture.

Diarist, thank you for taking us on this journey with you.


The last 3 shots did it for me. Somehow the transition that you did here from motorcycle, to bicycle, to walking is brilliant.

You are right about the contrasts.. old and new, tradition and modern, gentility and hostility.. That's what makes it so special!

I love your photos, Marroccos is such inspiration for me too. I climbed the Tubecal and it was fantistic. Great trip! Thanks to share with us.

follow me:

Incredible your photos!! show a lot of things! kisses from Spain^^

Hi again :)
So nice of you stepping by;)
I didn't use bloglovin before but now I added a button on my page, as you said, it would be easier.

PS! Do you have any coloured pictures of Marrakech? the colours are FANTASTIC there.

Awwww, I've been to Marrakech but I didn't capture the images in b/w. These are just too awesome.

Marrakech is the city of red color and "marrakech green"... The idea was funny and the picture is really cool with just B/W

I am so inspired by your photographs. My favorite is the row of trees where the forward tree is in focus and the men on bicycles moving toward you are watery. Fantastic! This photograph is just perfect! Keep up the brilliant work.

a beautiful collection of images.

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