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November 19, 2009


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thanks for your answer love. i love books. they make me happy. somehow books make me feel like i'm at home. i keep mine in piles around my loft...


I love books too! Must admit I do not read nearly as much as I once used to...gorgeous shot! :)

I love books too. Though I haven't been reading much.

I just found this blog yesterday! love the photos you take and your descriptions of each one. your photography is beautiful and inspiring and eye-opening too!

Beautiful, love the shallow depth of field. Have you ever seen Ralph Gibson's book Ex Libris? I think you'd enjoy it. And thanks for the comments!

Your inspiration words expreses my whole life inspiration about books,cameras,bags..thanks for sharing..

i always have a notebook pen in my bag... i scribble the funnies/wierdest things? anyway.. the pictures's great and i agree books can be very enveloping.

Also, when i go around with my camera trying to click random strangers... i just freak them out.. :(

I couldn't agree more.

book in my bag is a "must have", not only a stetoscope ;) we have got that in common ! seriously, i can't live without books. customer service & giant bookstores - i miss that here ;)

pretty cool shot, for about 3 seconds i was convinced i was looking at like triple decked piano keys..so awesome

words are beautiful aren't they? and so are the photos you capture... such as this one... has meaning and composition... me likes!

inspired by these photos - i love books too

Hi, I really like your pictures. And I love books too! I'm a librairian in a little town called La Malbaie in Quebec. And I would like to know if I could use this picture in the publicity for a book-selling event for fund raising. Thank you.

Hi Marie-Claire. Feel free to use the picture but would you mind giving me credit as the photographer? Much thanks.

Of course ! If a put under the picture : The Photodiarist it's ok with you ? Your pictures aslo remind me good memories of NY where I went two times last year. 11 hours bus ride from home but always a good trip with friends.

Marie-Claire: That works for me. Thank you. If you do the publicity via the internet, it would be great if you could link back to this blog. Thanks for your comments regarding the photos. Much appreciated!

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