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October 29, 2009


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absolutely beautiful...

wow, this is a truly stunning photograph. the shapes and the details are incredible, windows and chandeliers and lamps, and that glorious row of bookshelves.
think how much knowledge and magic there is inside.
i can't say how much I love this; well done!

Jules - I totally agree with you about those shelves laden with books -- sooo much to know in one gorgeous room!

So stunning & grand! At the University I studied in, there was a grand library room similar to this (not as grand), which I dubbed the 'Indiana Jones room'...loved reading/studying in there, even though I was too afraid of swallowing/breathing too loudly, haha! :)

Wow--I really love everything about this photo---is photography a hobby, career, or both? You're so talented.

Hi Judy. Thank you!! Photography is what I do in my spare time . . . so, it's a hobby. But a hobby that I love, indulge and think about all of the time!

Love the composition! WOW, what a library! Thanks again for my first blog award...I still can't believe it! LOL!!


I think my head just exploded. All those books! So grand!

Your blog is like a true insider's guide to NYC :) I've never been but I want to go to every place you've posted photos of here!

The composition is excellent, the uniformity and the repetition = beautiful. Nice nice :) Did your shutter sound alert anyone?

very good composition

I can't believe that in all those years I never went here & hung out. Wasted opportunity. Thanks for the lovely photo.


This photo is so subtly moving. You have a fantastic eye. Keep up the good work :-)

I'd love to be there!

Hi, this photo is just fantastic, you should write a book with all these pictures! Come check the new posts, hope you enjoy it! ;)

@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

You should publish a book, but that would take it from hobby to work.... Thank you for letting us enjoy your world!!

Oh that is GLORIOUS!! so beautifully captured :)

I would love to read here everyday.

This is just perfect! Amazing.

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