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February 20, 2011


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I love it when you write stuff! I am sure you looked great but it makes sense to me in a way that there is a division between people who go to take pictures and people who go to have their pictures taken. If you have to hop around to grab shots then 5 inch heels are not the way to go no matter how skilled one is in walking in them!

P.S. Superb photo even though I prefer the black and white portrait. Love her outfit too.

Love what you've written here! I couldn't help but look on with envy at all the real street style photographers today at somerset house... bundled up with scarves, boots and gloves while i was wearing a dress, two pairs of tights and big platforms... hahah. Tomorrow I'm going to be more sensible... maybe. xx

p.s. sorry forgot to say... this photo is insane! I saw it come up in my Facebook feed and had to come straight here to have a better look. Your photography from NY is always top of my list. she looks incredible and the photograph is stunning. It looks so quintessentially NY.

Love that picture and love your commentary on it. Her look is amazing and you captured it perfectly.

Love the color she is wearing. Red nails and lips too. great shot!

I conquer with Alexandra. You've got mad writing skills. And, to top it all off, your photography is ace!

Take this picture here for example, it's so well composed that it would fit perfectly well in a gallery somewhere.

well said. it is amazing.


This outfit is soooo right up my alley. The color clash, the pattern mix, the playfulness. GREAT shot!

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