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February 18, 2011


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She must be an editor of sorts. Amazing collection of pictures.



Well, she has a really beautiful smile and unique style.
Love her shoes!

Amazing suit!!! Love it alot!!


really rocks, much better in color than black and white.

Wow, the texture and colour are so rich...GORGEOUS!

WOW!!! I see what you mean! And she seems so nice too!!! Her expression in the 3rd photo completely matches her bright, happy outfit!
Love this!!!
You just brightened my day!...
Thank you!

Her entire look is fantastic, yes, but what struck me the most (leave it to a fashion victim to notice) were the friendship bracelets. Not at all what one might expect.

Brilliant. And your photography is off the hook!

i want to know the brand of the sunglassesssss!!! i love them!!

Just clicked on to your blog for the first time today. OMG, now I am going to spend more time everyday.......YOU, Scott and Garance. I have work waiting for me in my boutique!!! Gotta get out the door and then here you come with your gorgeous pictures and on the spot comments.
O.K., I will marry you on an everyday looking at your blog basis, also.
BUT, this is all....3 is enough. Congratulations........


Thank you Linda!! I just started following your blog now.

fabulous! LOVE IT.

Amazing suit! you are so right the Pink is fabulous and she wears it so well.

I love everything about her style and demeanor! Gorgeous. I'm so glad I clicked to see this post in color! Great shots :)

omg this girl has style. beautiful photos!

Great work bringing back a classic. I love the friendship bracelets being used in a modern way. The combination of the colors really does shout fun.

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