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March 14, 2012


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I haven't been up there in ages. I've gone a few times but not since about 2000 at this point. You've just inspired me. :)
As for one world trade...it's just a remarkable sight to see. You should come down here and check it out for yourself. It's really inspiring to see what they're doing.

Great great photo. New York is just amazing, isn't it? So beautiful and harsh at the same time.

Love the return of New York architecture to your posts. Your photos are so crisp and tight. I can feel the cold air on my face.

Love the Empire State Photos! Really incredible. New York is insane looking from above!

Chessa: Cannot wait to see your pics from the Empire State Building. Have watched Liberty Tower and the work down at WTC for ages now. It's remarkable to see the progress.

Aly: Thanks my friend. I know -- that is what I love most about NYC -- that it's a fantastic BEAST of a city.

Charles: Me too! I can get a bit obsessed with a genre . . . but finally I laid my Fashion Week Photos to rest on my Tumblr blog and am not refocused on more architecture and other happenings in the city.

Alessandrea: Thank you. It is insane. Totally.

This picture is AMAZING! It looks so surreal! Almost as if the buildings were little toys. They kind of remind me of something we could build with Lego's. Great picture.

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