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February 16, 2012


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Geez! This photo is a piece of art! The haircut is stunning but the photo really highlights just how precise it is. Really nice work PD.

+1 on what a piece of art this picture is. Outstanding work PD.

I agree with Leanne, this photo is a piece of art.

p.s. We are gearing up for LFW tomorrow.

Borrowing a quote from Vogue: "Short hair replaces obvious femininity with style." Kate's hair is magnificent. (I'm growing mine right now and have taken tear-sheets of Kate Lanphear to my stylist. Yep, and I said growing mine!)

Thanks everyone! Really appreciate your comments!

It is a cool cut! Beautifully rendered shot.

dramatic photo in black/white. it's a really lovely image.
kate's cut is beautiful in a non-obvious way. i'm a big fan of short precision cuts on women. no, it doesn't work for everyone (and if it did, how boring would we all look with same hairstyle!) but sometimes when you go short, you just know...i went short a few years ago, and never looked back.

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