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November 16, 2011


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Their looks match so well together! Very elegant!

her dress is the most feminine thing i have seen in a long time. and i love white, even in the dark days of autumn.

Perfection, Perfection!!!
I want this photo on my screen saver (again).. hahaha
Big Kisses to you A.
Lee x

Fosco: I do follow your site already. It's terrific.

Jennifer: They were perfectly matched in black and white.

Nileta: Isn't it? I just love love love that dress. Her platforms too. Although I wouldn't be able to move much in those shoes.

Lee: Hello my friend! Thanks for that wonderful compliment!!! Kisses to you too!

Wow! What a great shot. Your run was so worth it!!


What a fantastic shot of of these two! You captured them quite beautifully. Well done! :)

I love how she picks up her skirt to walk... it is a gesture that women haven't needed to do in a long time... so beautiful.

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