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August 23, 2011


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What an absolutely AMAZING shot! Love the crashing waves, and the scrambling girl...So nice to hear you had a fabulous time in the Hamptons! Definitely the place to be this time of year, I here. My cousin-in-law was there too!

Thanks B! It was a great little vacation!

Such a dramatic shot!

Amazing surf crashing onto the raised beach! Excellently caught.

What a great photo. Terrific use of black and white. We've only made it to the beach once this summer, but hoping this weekend (Irene permitting).

This is absolutely amazing! The emotion here is so adorable. I love the contrast, most of all. They almost look like they're standing in snow. :)

What a beautiful picture! It has everything the sea is about - space, light, freedom, water (duh).... It makes me heart ache a bit for the seaside.

This is such a powerful photo, I love it. :]

This shot is absolutely divine!!!
lee x

Love this shot, it's a great moment of both summer and childhood.

And that sounds like a great vacation.

spectacular photo!

wow, amazing!

Every time I visit your site, I get sooooo homesick, please stay safe my friend and keep me updated, I'm worried about family and friends back home.. hope Irene spares NYC.

Be Safe, my friend. Prayers for you and those around you!

This picture is amazing and I'm glad you've had a wonderful short holiday.

You captured a great moment!

I love the composition, the contrast...so pretty like always.

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